Tell the UK Government you demand Fair Pay For Nursing

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The Department of Health and Social Care submission to the Pay Review Body in March outlined a suggested 1% pay award for NHS staff. 

The Pay Review Body report is expected in May and will recommend the level of pay rise for NHS staff.

Government ministers make the final decision on what level of pay rise to award. 

The government must give nursing what it deserves - a 12.5% pay increase. For now, nursing staff continue to be worse off than 10 years ago. 

At a time when many experienced nurses are burnt out, exhausted and considering leaving the career they love, the link between unfair pay, staffing levels and patient safety becomes even more stark. 

Funding our health and care system is a political choice. After years of inadequate support for the largest health and social care workforce, the UK government must take immediate action and fully fund a substantial pay rise for nursing. 

Please sign our petition to tell the Prime Minister Boris Johnson why we demand fair pay for nursing.

Dear Prime Minister,

There are tens of thousands of vacant nursing posts in the NHS and independent health and social care sectors in the UK.  

Nursing staff are working harder than ever before in highly skilled, complex, responsible roles. Yet their pay does not reflect the essential work they do.  

Many are now worse off than they were 10 years ago and are considering leaving the profession.  

Fair pay for nursing is about making sure that a safety-critical profession can reach safe staffing levels, to provide safe and effective care for all people of the United Kingdom.  

We, the undersigned, demand an immediate and significant pay rise for nursing.

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